Spearit Beads & Co - Where Beads have Spearit!
Spearit Beads & Co
Where Beads have Spearit!
415 1st Ave W, Albany, OR 97321   541-791-4313
415 1st Ave W, OR 97321  Phone: 541-791-4313  Email: Spearit1311@yahoo.com
Located in beautiful, historic, downtown Albany, Oregon, our  bead store has a
large diverse selection of jewelry making supplies.  Spearit Beads & Co.  offers    
everyone, from the novice beader to the professional beader,  with a plethora of
choices for all your creative needs. Take the trip downtown to see us, we
PROMISE you will not be disappointed!!
Tues - Fri  11:00am - 5:30pm
Sat  11:00am - 5:00pm
Mon & Sun Closed
Get all your Beaver and
Duck jewelry making
supplies at Spearit Beads.
***Have A Great Day!!!!! ***
Spearit Beads
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